Risky business leads to quicker service?

BBC NEWS | England | North Yorkshire | Post workers banned from village

People living in a remote hamlet in the Yorkshire Dales have criticised the Royal Mail over a decision to stop delivering their post.


On the basis of this story it could also be concluded that any postman delivering mail, especially if he or she is riding a bike, is undertaking a hazardous job. Given the Royal Mail’s recent track record it wouldn’t surprise me if they came up with a risk assessment that deemed that most deliveries had to stop and we’ll all be trecking down to the local sorting office to collect our mail.

As it is they’ve made it almost impossible to get a parcel or ‘signed for’ letter redilvered. If you call the number on the card they leave, a recorded message tells you that the quickest way to have your item redelivered is to collect it from the sorting office!!  In what way is that a redelivery? Following that option the caller is given a string of other options, the very last of which is the offer to speak to a real person. When I last selected that option a message said “We are not able to answer your call at this time but the quickest way to have your item redelivered is to collect ot from the address on the card.” 

So you read it here first. The Royal Mail is looking at ways of not delivering your mail because the quickest way to get your item to you is for you to collect it ……. They’ll say that it’s to speed up deliveries and to give their customers the best possible service.

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