Illuminating York

It was almost the last chance to watch this show. Apparently it had been on all week in York’s Museum Gardens and I knew nothing about until I tuned in to Elly Fiorentini’s excellent Drivetime show on BBC Radio York.

The Illumintating York show is two site specific animated films projected onto the walls of The Yorkshire Museum and the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey. The effect is spectacular. The accompanying soundtracks are a mixture of narrative, music, ambience and aural collage. The clip above gives a glimpse of the event but if you can be there tonight (Sunday Nov 2nd) it plays out for the final time between 5 and 11pm.

Sadly it was also the last chance to hear Elly on Drive. The Radio York schedule changes on Monday and she’s doing a key “behind the scenes” job for a while. Thanks for making me laugh Elly (and for keeping me up to date and informed).

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