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BBC Radio 5 Live has a problem on Wednesday Lunchtimes – it’s two main presenters, Brown and Cameron, are becoming very predictable. Whatever the subject they both turn the conversation to competetence and exchange accusations about the others ability to lead.

So here we are again, Prime Ministers Questions; today mainly on Europe.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Leaders clash over EU referendumGordon Brown has clashed in the Commons with Tory leader David Cameron and Lib Dem Nick Clegg over an EU referendum. Mr Cameron said Mr Brown had lost his “courage” while the Lib Dem leader said the prime minister had “bottled it”. Mr Brown hit back by accusing Mr Cameron of “appeasing” his eurosceptics and putting British jobs at risk. He ridiculed Lib Dem plans to abstain.     

So should we have a referendum? It would be suicide for Brown because he knows he couldn’t win. The right wing press has lined up its tanks along the cliff tops of the channel coast with a firm “No”. There is a deep suspicion in Britain about what goes on in Brussels and Strasbourg and a perception that we give more than we get from the EU. But the risk is also high for Cameron because the process of disentangling the UK from Europe would be long and costly. Will he still be supporting a referendum if he becomes PM?

Personally I feel we should stay in. The roots of the European Union are in the desire for peace after the second world war. It is also based on justice and equality. It is a straightforward way to lift the economies of the former Soviet states and Warsaw Pact countries which were seriously damaged by communism. Finally it’s better than a United States of Europe which would destroy the sovereignty of individual countries.

Through the EU, Europe is able to stand it’s ground in a world where the massive administrations of the USA, Russia and China and the rising influence of the Middle East, Africa and India are so significant.

Mind you, there are extremists who feel divine judgement is looming for Britain because of its membership of the EU. The recent earthquake in England was apparently a portent of that punishment.

This quake, like the others, is a gentle warning from God. God is angry with Britain (Israel), for there was an earthquake in Maastricht after John Major treacherously signed up for that treaty. There was an earthquake in Kent near the tunnel recently as Blair was ready to sign the EU Constitution and the final stages of the St Pancras railway connection were being completed. Now, the day after a Lib Dem demand (whether staged or real) for a referendum was thrown out of the House of Commons by that traitor Michael Lord, we have another earthquake. Be prepared for more!Britain (Israel) is being warned and will be punished by God unless it withdraws from the Soviet/Fascist EU. You have been warned by a messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ.     

Mmmm – not quite mainstream Christian thought!

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