Do you twitter?

I haven’t really got into this text message social networking. Perhaps these tips will help me. I twitter as barstep

twitter « On an e-journey with generation Y
10 Tips for newcomers
· Find someone who might be able to jumpstart you with a few good people to follow.
· Look on your favourite blog sites to see if a twitter username or icon is given.
· Do not expect to part of the fold immediately.
· Watch and listen so that you get an idea of the proceedings
· Join the conversation when you can with a prompt or a reply.
· Explore the site thoroughly. Click on avatars and wander around.
· Remember that the most popular tweeters may not be interested in following more people.  However it is still useful to read their conversations.
· Find a level you are comfortable with and move on when ready.
· Once comfortable, be pro-active in seeking more to follow.
· Take care as it can be extremely addictive

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