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Folding bikes

It’s the name of a shop, not a home for old bikes and I was there last night for a demo of folding bikes. Airnimal and Brompton sent their top people and Birdy and Mezzo’s marketing and sales teams turned up too. Lots of technical stuff and really useful comparisons of four of the top brands. 

The break at half time gave anyone who cared to a chance to play with the bikes so I took my turn. I liked the Birdy and the Airnimal Joey. The Brompton was a Brompton and I didn’t get round to trying out a Mezzo. After the presentation about the Mezzo, which came after the break, I wished I had. Of all the bikes it looked the most highly specced machine of them all. 

There was no one there for Dahon, which happens to be the type of folder I use daily for getting around York. I have to say that after trying a new Brompton and the Joey my bright orange machine felt a bit sloppy, although perfect for my needs and a lot cheaper than either of them.

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