Facebook: Live vs News Feeds

Friday, 23 October 2009 at 18:20

Published by Austin Haugen

We’re focused on creating the best ways to empower users to share with their friends, as well as providing developers with the tools they need to make applications social and add value to the Facebook experience. As a part of a greater effort to simplify the site, we’re making it easier for users to discover the most interesting content by modifying the home page stream to include two views:

  • News Feed will focus on popular content, determined by an algorithm based on interest in that story, including the number of times an item is liked or commented on.
  • Live Feed will display all recent stories from a large number of a user’s friends.

Stories your applications generate can show up in both views. The best way for your stories to appear in the News Feed filter is to create stories that are highly engaging, as high quality, interesting stories are most likely to garner likes and comments by the user’s friends.

I’m not altogether happy with the default News Feed view on my Facebook Homepage. I’d prefer to be the one who decides what’s of most interest to me – not some algorithm devised by Facebook developers.
When I want results by algorithm I’ll use Google. As it is I have to manually select Live Feed to see what’s going on in my community.
Gatekeepers are so last week!

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