Fi Glover misses her last Saturday Live show

I’m sad enough that Fi Glover is leaving the show she established in the former John Peel slot on Radio 4 – now she won’t even have the chance to say goodbye. 

Here’s the email she sent out to her fans. I particularly like the line “it is only through understanding other peoples’ stories that we learn how to understand our own.” Fi certainly offered us a wide range of stories from fascinating people from across the UK.

Thank you Fi – looking forward to your new show – whatever it is.

From: Fi Glover <>
Date: Thursday, 31 March 2011 16:38:32
Subject: Fi’s newsletter: 31 March 2011

Hello peoples,

It’s quite a show lined up for you this week. Anthony Horowitz as the studio guest star ?? the amazing story of one evacuee from the Second World War whose sojourn in the country changed his life, the Inheritance Tracks of the quite marvellous William Boyd and the I Was There of the captain of the SS Canberra ?? a school holiday ship requisitioned for the Falklands War.

And all of this will be brought to you by the wonderful Richard Coles. I know. It was meant to be my last show and I can’t tell you how miffed I am to not be able to bring it to you. I had planned many a pompous thing to say you know??… But here’s the deal. I had a nasty bout of bronchitis last week from which I haven’t entirely recovered. And on walking into the office this afternoon the team greeted me with faces that said ‘you look like poo’. And to be honest I don’t feel that well. Timing has never been my strong point ?? as many a radio producer will tell you. So, rather than moan on about it I take my leave of you. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed the last four and a half years. The thing that I have been so struck by is the honest and entertaining way in which all of you have shared your stories ?? and it is a great truth that it is only through understanding other peoples’ stories that we learn how to understand our own.

I told you I’d get pompous. Thankyou for all of your kind emails and posts ?? I’m going to write back to you all in the near future. I don’t think you can spread germs through an email, but if you are worried then do give it a quick wipe down with an antiseptic swab before opening.

Anyway ?? I shall speak to you via the orifice of Radio 4 very soon.

Onwards and upwards!

HUGE Love and hugs to you all


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