That Island Again

Camera de LobosWe took another holiday in Madeira in June. Lots of walking punctuated by times of doing very little apart from strolling around, reading and eating good food.

On one momentous day we took the bus to the start of a walk high in the Madeiran hills. When we left the bus at the last stop in a small hamlet we realised we had travelled too far. BS MadeiraReassured by the driver’s directions -‘ just a few minutes along the road’ – we set off for the start of the walk. Three miles later in the mid day sun up an incredibly steep road we reached the start of the walk! Needless to say we were too late to complete it if we were going to connect with the last bus home at the far end. So we took in some of the fabulous views, ate our picnic and descended to wait for a bus home to the hotel. A walk for another year.

Next year we are going somewhere else – but we do enjoy our trips to the genteel Portuguese island that’s nearer to Africa than Europe. Who knows, we may do both – a bit of sun is a good thing.