Street Parties

Summer ‘Bloom’ Party

Claremont Terrace opened its arms wide again this year to stage two street parties. The summer party coincided with a city-wide event called Bloom. We are a street that’s not short of artists and so our event was embellished with chalk sketches which were further enhanced by the children. The England Flag was hoisted for the World Cup match on the same day.

Montage of street party scenes
The summer Bloom Street Party

Autumn Back Street Party

On a colder evening in November the party was held in a more sheltered setting; the back street. An old dustbin became a red hot brazier. There were games for the children; hot food, drinks and lots of conversation. The new families who had moved into the street met their neighbours and good bonds were forged. 

Back Street Party with glowing brazier, gazebo and neighbours.
Back Street Autumn Party 

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