Street Parties

Street Party with fire bin
Autumn Claremont Terrace Street Party 

Several new families have moved into the street and the usual new cohort of students arrived in September, so there were again plenty of people who we could introduce to their neighbours in the street.

We held two street parties this year, Summer and Autumn. People rally round to erect the two gazebos, bring out their garden tables and chairs, provide food and engage the children in fun and games. They’re hard work but great fun and add considerably to the  social fabric of the area.

In addition we teach students to put their rubbish bags out on the right day (work ongoing into the new year), what to put into their recycling boxes (usually either nothing or everything in sight) and what not to put into their recycling boxes. (Also ongoing into the new year)

There is an increased interest in the street about recycling, composting and environmental friendliness in these days of climate crisis. One relatively new family are collecting Terracycle packaging to take it to a collection point in the city. They also have a composter which anyone is invited to use, which prompted us to start composting waste food (which isn’t collected for recycling in York). We have a pair of Bokashi Composter Bins. If you want to know how it works look it up