The Passion

The Passion, BBC 1

As Jesus is taken from the cross and buried, his disciples cower in hiding. Caiaphas, fearful that the body will be stolen, orders the tomb to be guarded. But when Mary Magdalene discovers it empty, a chain of events is about to begin that will transform the lives of the disciples and reverberate throughout the world for the next two thousand years.

I watched the last episode of the BBC production, The Passion, tonight. I found it incredibly moving. I am moved by the reality of Christ. God’s Son. Here. Dying for our sins. Rising from the dead and promising to be with us always.

This BBC series started slowly but depicted the trial, crucifixion and resurrection imaginatively and faithfully. As a believer I was challenged. I realised that those who followed Jesus as he preached in Galilee and Judea put their lives and reputations at risk. They also had far less to convince them that he was The Messiah than I do. No New Testament, no resurrection, no Holy Spirit – just a man who claimed he was God’s only Son who said and did incredible things. Their doubt was tangible, just like mine.

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