Radio 4 news hit by giggling fit

BBC NEWS | Radio 4 news hit by giggling fit

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Hundreds of listeners have contacted BBC Radio 4 after newsreader Charlotte Green dissolved into giggles while reading a bulletin on Today.She lost control after playing a clip of the oldest known recording of the human voice.

Charlotte Green has my sympathy – as someone who used to read news bulletins I know the dreadful feeling when a fit of the giggles interrupts your normally sedate reading voice.

The one that I recall most vividly was when I was reading a piece of copy, “North Yorkshire dinner ladies were toasted for winning an employment tribunal case over equal pay”. My imagination played riot with the idea of toasted dinner ladies.

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  1. I heard this live. She struggled on for quite a bit longer before James Naughtie took over with a very long intro to the next story. He was obviously struggling to carry on and read his piece very badly.

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