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As far as I can tell this is one of many proposals being put forward to Mark Thompson as the BBC struggles to save money.
In my area the BBC is experimenting with a shared afternoon show. The presenter is excellent and they are doing their best to gather content from around the entire Yorkshire region. But however competent it may be it doesn’t feel like a programme for me and my city – it comes from somewhere else.
Merging Local Radio and 5Live is a bit incongruous and probably wouldn’t work – or even happen. But it’s not far from a national sustaining service which local stations can opt in and out of at will. It’s a dangerous step for local communities. Their local BBC station gives a voice to people who would otherwise be unable to influence opinion or express their views. As soon as the airtime is narrowed to two news slots a day – other broadcasting goes out of the window. Community action wouldn’t get a look in.
The BBC should squash this idea as soon as it’s presented at the DG’s desk. You either have local radio or you don’t – there are no half measures. No one will own it and it will swerve to rot in no time at all.
My friend Emma Gilliam, now a lecturer at The School of Journalism in Cardiff – (we were both BBC local radio Editors) – is updating her blog on this subject. Emma refers to Bill Rogers’ blog

More here on Radio Today

Lets start the campaign now to save BBC Local Radio …….


Making the media the (wrong) message | Ekklesia

Marginalisation? I think not. Negotiating the wider media environment is certainly a challenge for those who are used to controlling ‘god slots’, but it is much more worthwhile than talking to yourself.

As for media concerns, there are plenty – the role of corporate owners, the lack of reporting of development issues beyond emergencies, the gap between new media haves and have-nots, and so on. This is where faith groups, alongside others, have an opportunity to raise concerns and offer alternatives in a constructive (and non self-interested) way.

A fair summary of how Christians should approach the representation of Christianity and the church in the media, with a pertinent challenge at the end.
Prompted by the Synod debate about alleged marginalisation of religion by the BBC.

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