Nestlé Jettisons Rowntree Name

Nestlé Jettisons Rowntree Name (from York Press)
A MAJOR link with York’s past has been severed with news that Nestlé is all but abandoning the Rowntree name.

Rowntrees factory, York

Almost 20 years after it acquired Rowntree, the company has revealed its Nestlé Rowntree confectionery division will now trade under the name Nestlé Confectionery (UK).

This huge international company may leave the name off their letterheads and factory signs, but it will take a bigger operator than Nestlé to remove the legacy of Rowntrees from York. The work that this family did contributed significantly to modern social science. Today the Joseph Rowntree Foundation still funds significant research into social issues.

Kit Kat Snack

As far as I am concerned the Kit Kat will always be a Rowntree snack. It’s still the world’s most popular chocolate bar and I eat far too many of them!

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