Blueberries ‘reverse memory loss’

BBC NEWS | Health | Blueberries ‘reverse memory loss’
Blueberries ‘reverse memory loss’

Scientists claim blueberries activate learning and memory in the brain.

Eating blueberries can reverse memory loss and may have implications in the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s, University of Reading scientists claim.

I am already a regular consumer of fresh fruit but if blueberries can revive my brain’s memory banks then I must add to to the weekly shopping list. I hope I remember  …….

Just in time

photoWe made a short detour at Fell Beck House because the footpath wasn’t clearly marked. Incidentaly there are several peacocks in this area. They call to each other with loud screeches unfamiliar in this part of the world.
We arrived at the Half Moon in Fell Beck a couple of minutes after two. They had officially stopped serving food but came up with a plate full of beef sandwiches and we ate them outside.
The Half Moon has several holiday rooms around a small yard – you might call them chalets. The barman told us that two of them are let permanently to people who came short term and have never moved out.
After a good pint of Black Sheep we set off for Brimham Rocks, visible on the skyline from here.

The way to lunch

photoWe’re about half way to Fellbeck walking along the Nidderdale Way. Destination, The Half Moon. Let’s just hope we make it before they stop serving food.

Fisherman’s Lodge Cafe

Fisherman’s Lodge Cafe

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I’d have ridden straight past this place in Thorpe Underwood had it not been for Warren, a cyclist from Harrogate working on the reconstruction of the road.
This cafe overlooks a pond and to be honest it was very quiet, due largely to the state of the road. It’s closed from the B6265 for major rebuilding.
I managed to navigate a route over the rough surface and Warren kindly pointed out The Fisherman’s Lodge.
I had to stop, didn’t I.
Toasted Tea Loaf and a mug of tea. Enough to top me up for the rest of the ride back to York.

Nestlé Jettisons Rowntree Name

Nestlé Jettisons Rowntree Name (from York Press)
A MAJOR link with York’s past has been severed with news that Nestlé is all but abandoning the Rowntree name.

Rowntrees factory, York

Almost 20 years after it acquired Rowntree, the company has revealed its Nestlé Rowntree confectionery division will now trade under the name Nestlé Confectionery (UK).

This huge international company may leave the name off their letterheads and factory signs, but it will take a bigger operator than Nestlé to remove the legacy of Rowntrees from York. The work that this family did contributed significantly to modern social science. Today the Joseph Rowntree Foundation still funds significant research into social issues.

Kit Kat Snack

As far as I am concerned the Kit Kat will always be a Rowntree snack. It’s still the world’s most popular chocolate bar and I eat far too many of them!