Scotts butchers closes after 130 years

Scotts butchers closes after 130 years From York Press

Scotts The Butchers

ONE of York’s oldest butchers has closed its doors for the final time, citing council red-tape and corporate customers’ debts for the decision.

Scott’s Butchers has been at its Low Petergate home for 130 years.

What sad news. This was The Place to buy good meat and pies. To my mind no one matched Scotts, but I have to confess I rarely bought anything there. I guess I contributed to its demise – in a very small way. It looks as though bad debts and poor access were largely to blame for the closure of the business.

One thought on “Scotts butchers closes after 130 years

  1. This was one of the saddest moments of last decade really, a lot of change was for the worst in the noughties. I remeber has a child the queues that this place quite deservedly used to generate at Christmas time especially.

    My family were shocked too when they found out it had closed, admittingly they used to go more often a while ago but we would never had thought that the place would have closed down like that, especially since so many people seemed to go to it.

    When Scotts Butchers closed a bit of York died, produce from supermarkets isnt as good and just isnt the same, sadly in the 21st century the demise of the small business seems to be accelerating, the recession is to blame in some part but they cant compete with supermarkets.

    I feel a bit sorry for really young children who will never get to experience the quality food from this place, I also feel sorry for the tourists because I can remember when they had guided tours, Scotts used to always be pointed out, I remember that happening in 2001. You wouldn’t get tour guides pointing out Tesco’s, Poundland or MacDonalds!

    As of 2010 the place is just a sad empty shell and its heartbreaking especially at Christmas, nothing will ever replace the best butcher in the North if not the best butcher in Britain, such a shame.

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