Nosey intercessors?

I was amused earlier today when I looked at a website set up to encourage people to PRAY.

Half way down the page there’s an invitation to download a leaflet to guide people, unused to praying, through the process. A typo meant it read like this:-

What to do:
Find a time and a place that will suit you.
Use the tryseven links, or download the tryprying booklet and read it one day at a time.
Try to keep going for a week, but don’t feel guilty if you miss a day.
You might like to tell a friend you are doing this and talk about how it is going.

So if you want to be nosey AND tell your friends what you’re doing the results may be more surprising than if you simply spoke to God for a week.

In the event I suggest praying could be an interesting adventure. The site has been corrected now – after I alerted the organisers to their mistake – so everything you need to get started is here.

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