New evidence shows William Wilberforce implicated in slavery | Ekklesia

New evidence has come to light which suggests that the evangelical campaigner William Wilberforce was involved in slavery, despite his successful campaign to abolish the transatlantic trade.…

Thank God its Friday – part of Summer Soul XL

Date: 6 July 2010 10:45:15 GMT+01:00
Subject: Thank God its Friday – part of Summer Soul XL

Near York on Friday?  visit the little church next to the Minster…

Come along at 8 pm for Thank God its Friday – part of Summer Soul XL:

Libby Redman sings soul. Steve Redman talks soul, interviewed about his book “At Least its not raining”

Jamming with Jesus with the St Mike’s Summer Soul house band – bring an instrument and play along,or just your voice…………

it’s entertainment with a twist of faith…….and its free so bring a friend.


Latest delicious thoughts

delicious thoughts for May 18th from 14:16 to 14:16:

Church Service with live twitter/text messaging – #smlb

barstep Really enjoyed the service at St Michael Le Belfrey tonight. I felt that the congregation was really trusted to make a contribution. #smlb

Last night our church encouraged live tweets and texts during the service and selected messages were displayed on screens for the congregation to read.
We were encouraged to send in things we felt were important, songs that could be sung and things we felt God was saying to the church. It created a very exciting and refreshing service.
We still had scripture readings, preaching, prayer and music. But the live input from the large congregation gave a new dimension to the event.
There is usually some lively Twitter traffic during a Sunday Evening Congregation using the hashtag #smlb. Last evening we used the same hashtag but in the knowledge that the messages might be publicly displayed.
After the service one of the churchwardens said it was like live radio rather than the usual prerecorded programme. Another likened it to a radio phone in.
You can see all the messages by searching on the hashtag. I hope we do it again.

Making the media the (wrong) message | Ekklesia

Marginalisation? I think not. Negotiating the wider media environment is certainly a challenge for those who are used to controlling ‘god slots’, but it is much more worthwhile than talking to yourself.

As for media concerns, there are plenty – the role of corporate owners, the lack of reporting of development issues beyond emergencies, the gap between new media haves and have-nots, and so on. This is where faith groups, alongside others, have an opportunity to raise concerns and offer alternatives in a constructive (and non self-interested) way.

A fair summary of how Christians should approach the representation of Christianity and the church in the media, with a pertinent challenge at the end.
Prompted by the Synod debate about alleged marginalisation of religion by the BBC.