Ten years since the North Yorkshire Floods of 2000


Ten years since the BBC Radio York team served the county of North Yorkshire during the worst floods in living memory and in some areas, since records began.
Staff worked a 24 hour shift system and we broadcast live throughout a seven day period. People came to rely on our service, listening to the updates in remote places cut off from the outside world by the rising waters.
At times I became part of the county’s emergency response team – invited in to briefings at Silver Command at Fulford Road Police Station in York. A fine line had to be drawn between our public service and our impartiality – one I think I stood astride with integrity.
The following spring BBC Radio York was honoured with a Radio Academy Gold Award for Community Service. One of the memorable proud moments of my broadcasting career – possible only because of the great team I worked with at the studios in Bootham Row.

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