Improved Wi-Fi is Hi-Pri on East Coast Trains

New and improved Wi-Fi service


Wireless internet that???s quicker, better quality, and more reliable ??? that???s what you asked for, and that???s what we???re pleased to deliver. From Monday 4 October 2010, you will experience the benefits of a new and improved Wi-Fi system on board all East Coast trains.

The updated system uses the latest HSPA and 3G technology so you will enjoy a more reliable Wi-Fi connection with faster upload and download speeds while you travel. Aerials and modems have also been updated, ensuring the system is compatible with future communication standards.

All Standard Class passengers are entitled to 15 minutes free access to the improved Wi-Fi system. Thereafter, access will be charged at ??4.95 for 60 minutes or ??9.95 for 24 hours. First Class passengers can still access the service free of charge.


O and by the way – it’s no longer free like it used to be. I would have to be a lot better to justify the cost to me.

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