Christmas at Home

Wesley and family with the Bishop of Bradbury

Wesley and family with the Bishop of Bradwell

This year we’re at home again for Christmas and we think that just about all the family will be here in York on Christmas Day.

Wesley and Deborah are settled in Chelmsford; Wesley was baptised and confirmed at his local church this year. He often puts in long hours as a producer in BBC Radio Current Affairs, now back in Broadcasting House. Deborah continues in her management role as Assistant Editor at BBC Essex.

Matthew and Laura

Matthew and Laura

Matthew and Laura are happy to be back in Cambridge where Matthew has a permanent job back at the games company he left to move to Aberdeen. Laura is working hard as a fellow at Gonville and Caius College.

Matthew has made an animated film They Both Explode that seems to be popular with animation festivals across the world. It’s a good showcase for his work.

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