Three Men in a Boat

Three Men in a Boat Poster

York Theatre Royal, York UK

York Theatre Royal and Riding Lights Theatre Company present Jerome k. Jerome’s

Ever been on a disastrous summer holiday? Three Men in a Boat will make yours seem like a honeymoon picnic. Jerome’s classic comedy comes roaring to life in a delightfully accident-packed evening as three men take a boat trip up the Thames in 1889. Through a series of hilarious mishaps and ineptitudes, a healthy rest-cure on the river goes badly adrift.

If you want a good night out then book a ticket for this production. You won’t be disappointed. Riding Lights is a local professional theatre company with 30 years of experience. Last year they toured the country with African Snow after a successful opening at York’s Theatre Royal. This is an altogether different kind of show but directed by Paul Burbridge to the same high standards.