The Cloud darkens

Google plans to make PCs history | Technology | The Observer

I’ve been very ethusiastic about holding my data in The Cloud, but the prospect of Google locking up my operating system, data and applications is a step too far. It’s not democratic; I would have no real say over how things work and it  feels too “big brother”. I love the convenience of “The Cloud”, but I’m beginning to think again about  the implications.

In The Cloud

I’ve been talking about it for years – and what’s more other people have talked to me about it.
“The day will come when everything we use will be “out there” not on your hard drive. Data, applications, personal stuff all accessible from anywhere – anywhere with a connection that is.”
The iPhone – recently acquired with 3G connectivity – stores very little data. Ok it’s an iPod too and there’s 16Gb potential for tunes and movies – but the connectivity brings trillions of gigabytes to that small 640 px wide screen. Continue reading