Easingwold Adrift?

BBC NEWS | School Report | Table of participating schools
It’s the BBC School News Day and all the participating schools have been plotted on a map. Curiosity took me to North Yorkshire for the schools near York. None – according to the map, but the table lists Easingwold School. Clicking on the map link brings up a location in the sea off the coast of Ghana! (You’ll have to zoom out some way to realise that the blue background is the Gulf of Guinea)

Easingwold School adrift off Africa

So perhaps pupils from Easingwold are today reporting from the deck of a ship tracing the route of the slave trade as a geography and history field trip. Or possibly someone in the BBC has no idea where Easingwold is and the software has a default location at 0º, 0º.

One thought on “Easingwold Adrift?

  1. I received an email from the BBC assuring me that the site had been updated and Easingwold School located to its rightful place.

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