Local Radio safe?

Just heard Nick Clegg say on BBC Radio Sheffield that local radio is very important and he can’t imagine it being closed down. Nick Higham (I think it wad him) said to Radio5Live that after talking to the BBC he didn’t think it was an idea that was very high on their agenda.

Shadow minister demands meeting over ‘radio cuts’ | News | Broadcast

Shadow minister demands meeting over ‘radio cuts’

Shadow culture secretary Ivan Lewis has demanded a meeting with BBC bosses over reports that local radio services could be axed and replaced with content from Radio 5 Live.

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) said proposals had been aired to produce only local breakfast and drive-time shows and fill the gap with 5 Live programmes.

It said this would mean the loss of around 700 jobs and the possible closure of some stations.

Lewis said: ???At a time when Jeremy Hunt is forcing the BBC to spend ??25 million on local TV, it is perverse that the Conservative-led Government cuts may threaten the future of local radio.

???I will be seeking an urgent meeting with the BBC to discuss the range of options under consideration.???

It was reported the proposals were aired as part of the BBC???s Delivering Quality First review, which is tasked with finding savings following the six-year licence-fee freeze.

A BBC spokesman said: ???No decisions have been made so it would be wrong to speculate. It is, of course, only right that BBC staff have an opportunity to input ideas about shaping the BBC???s future.

???The Delivering Quality First sessions are designed to provoke discussion amongst staff about the way the BBC works and any decisions coming out of the process would be subject to approval by the BBC Trust.???

Ivan Lewis is making a good point here.
???At a time when Jeremy Hunt is forcing the BBC to spend ??25 million on local TV, it is perverse that the Conservative-led Government cuts may threaten the future of local radio.”

BBC English Regions boss explains ‘challenging times’


David Holdsworth tells radio staff that ‘challenging’ times lie ahead as union attacks plan to cut much of local output
David Holdsworth

David Holdsworth: said the BBC was undertaking a ‘fundamental reassessment’. Photograph: BBC
John Plunkett

guardian.co.uk, Fri 11 Mar 2011 12.45 GMT

The executive in charge of the BBC’s English regional output has warned staff they need to be “realistic” about how the corporation will cope with swingeing budget cuts after plans were revealed to cut much of its local radio output.
I’m sure David will do all he can to maintain his services, but speculation like this can start a process that’s hard to stop. There are plenty of vultures in the big budget departments at the BBC who be only too happy to discard Local Radio to preserve their empire. It’ll be a tough fight, but winnable. 


BBC may replace local radio with 5 Live broadcasts | Media | The Guardian


As far as I can tell this is one of many proposals being put forward to Mark Thompson as the BBC struggles to save money.
In my area the BBC is experimenting with a shared afternoon show. The presenter is excellent and they are doing their best to gather content from around the entire Yorkshire region. But however competent it may be it doesn’t feel like a programme for me and my city – it comes from somewhere else.
Merging Local Radio and 5Live is a bit incongruous and probably wouldn’t work – or even happen. But it’s not far from a national sustaining service which local stations can opt in and out of at will. It’s a dangerous step for local communities. Their local BBC station gives a voice to people who would otherwise be unable to influence opinion or express their views. As soon as the airtime is narrowed to two news slots a day – other broadcasting goes out of the window. Community action wouldn’t get a look in.
The BBC should squash this idea as soon as it’s presented at the DG’s desk. You either have local radio or you don’t – there are no half measures. No one will own it and it will swerve to rot in no time at all.
My friend Emma Gilliam, now a lecturer at The School of Journalism in Cardiff – (we were both BBC local radio Editors) – is updating her blog on this subject. Emma refers to Bill Rogers’ blog

More here on Radio Today

Lets start the campaign now to save BBC Local Radio …….


C2C on the radio

News travels fast when you’re on Facebook. I was on a high speed train to London when my phone rang. It was a radio presenter friend asking if I would be willing in principle to live report into his show from the C2C.
Of course. Good publicity for the two charities I am supporting – Riding Lights Theatre Company and the Funzi and Bodo Trust.
More news once the radio slots are confirmed.
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