Miracle on the Estate

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Miracle on the Estate

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For Good Friday, the residents of Harpurhey in North Manchester – once described as the worst place to live in Britain – join forces with a poet, a composer and a director to see if they can produce their very own mediaeval mystery play, based on the story of the Flood. In so doing they uncover a deep-rooted sense of community, untapped talent and breathe 21st century life into an ancient story of sacrifice and salvation.

It’s Good Friday. A special day for all Christians when we remember the death of Jesus on the cross. This morning we watched a truly inspirational BBC programme about the making of a community film based on the Mystery Play Noah’s Flood. The film is on the BBC Religion Website. I’ve not watched the film yet – but I recommend watching the TV programme Miracle on the Estate first.

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I’ve now watched the The Harpurhey Mystery Play and it matches the promises made in the TV programme. It is truly inspiring when people who were unsure of their talents discover them and work together to create a play like this one.

3 thoughts on “Miracle on the Estate

  1. The most inspiring piece of television I have seen for a long time. The programme happened to be on in the background and within minutes I was gripped and rooting for the fantastic people who took part and proved that miracles are in our backyard. I would like to meet the producer and congratulate him personally and the others involved.

  2. I did some youth work in Harpurhey a while ago. It’s pretty unnerving when you’ve plugged in all your DJ equipment, making sure nothing gets nicked by passing opportunist thieves, and then you realise some of the kids you’re in the room with are carrying knives! I saw some pretty amazing things during that time, though.

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