Suddenly I’m totally incensed. But only in a good way

Suddenly I’m totally incensed. But only in a good way¬†| Comment is free | The Observer

Miranda Sawyer, writing in her column in The Observer today, confesses she is finding a new perspective on life by attending church with her young son. In the final paragraph she allows the idea that there may be something more to challenge the routine of everyday life.

I dont want to leave everyday life entirely – I like everyday life – but the niggly specifics of it can mean you spend your time fussing over the detail rather than considering the bigger picture. Its nice to stop microscoping and, instead, spend some time pondering other people, charity, the world, old stories. To silence the minds circular chatter about deadlines and whos taking the kid to the childminder and have we got any milk and whither mortgage rates, and open it to the possibility that living might be about something more.

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