Old naked man?

Old naked man?

Originally uploaded by Dawnriser

No not me discarding my wet cycling kit in public, just another tea
house along the way. I’m in Settle. The rain eased after Ingleton,
where I changed my inner layers of wet clothes for dry ones. At
Clapham I changed my socks and lined sodden trainers with plastic
bags. The outer layers had dried out by the time I reached Settle and
now – it’s raining again.

By my reckoning there’s another 30 miles left starting with a vertical
climb away from here!

Despite the weather I’m riding through spectacular country. Snipe and
lapwing screech in the fields, sheep scatter alarmed as a streak of
yellow flies past on a silver machine, and motorists make way with
sympathetic looks from the warmth of their cars. I’ve met only two
other cyclists today – both cheerful, both wet! Now I’m heading for

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