All gleaming and ready to go

I’ve spent the afternoon checking, cleaning and lubricating the bike. It gleams. I’m cycling out to a meeting in Dunnington tonight and that’s it until I arrive in Whitehaven tomorrow evening.

Low gear and thirty miles

Low gear

The shiny bit is the low gear

A call from Cycle Heaven (on earth). The lower gear had arrived and if I took my bike round to the shop they could fit it. It was fixed in no time and so I took off on a thirty mile bash just to make sure my muscles knew what to do and to check that gear changes were were working. Both are in good condition.

A few new donations today too – please keep giving and lets raise these much needed funds. Click here for the links and some background information.

Gear ordered

Shop exterior sm.jpgSometimes as I hit the steepest gradients no amount of weight or muscle power will turn the pedals. So with the experience of my Yorkshire Dales cycle ride in 2008 I visited my local bike shop – Cycle Heaven – for advice. I could fit a smaller chainring on my crankset. So there’s one on order which will hopefully give me that lower gear for the hills.

If this is all too technical for you – this isn’t technical at all. I’m cycling Coast to Coast to raise money for two charities. Visit the Justgiving pages I have set up and be kind enough to make a donation. Let me assure that none of this money is going into the cost of a new chainwheel. Every penny you donate goes to the charity except for a small admin cost taken by the website.

Funzi and Bodo Trust – funding medical help for a community stricken by cholera

Riding Lights Theatre Company – funding adventurous theatre productions by this Christian based company

The end of the road

The end of the road

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Here’s the bike computer at the end of my ride. I’m back in
Grassington and completed 110 miles since leaving here yesterday. I’ve
also climbed the equivalent of two and a bit Ben Nevis’s.
I feel good and apart from the odd light shower it’s been fine from
I must put in a word of thanks to my bike. Not a puncture or a squeak
all the way round.
Thank you everyone who donated to sponsor this ride on behalf of
Palestinian Young People coming to the Riding Lights Theatre Summer
School next month. There’s still time to donate. The site remains
active for some time yet.

Fine ride to Malham

Fine ride to Malham

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Despite the cliff face out of Settle, the ride to Malham has to be one
of the highlights of this tour. No rain, a back wind and all that
limestone scenery. In the village a cream tea at this cafe.
Now I’m on the home run – about 15 miles to Grassington. Then home by