Ashamed of the BBC

As a former BBC employee I am ashamed of the decision not to broadcast an appeal by the DEC for aid for the Palestinian people of Gaza.
Does impartiality come into this decision? Are the Isreali victims of the ongoing dispute in the same need as those in Gaza whose infrastructure and resources have been smashed. Israel is a relatively wealthy nation and able to look after it’s own. The people of Gaza not so.
Jesus set the example that we should always be on the side of the poor.
So come on Mark Thompson. Be merciful and allow the DEC to make its appeal as a public service to the British people who think you should.

2 thoughts on “Ashamed of the BBC

  1. The result of the BBCs stance on this issue is more publicity for the appeal than a 30 second ad would have achieved. Do I smell a conspiracy?

  2. But the amount of publicity for the appeal is not the issue here. It’s about the politicisation of a humanitarian appeal by the BBC. In its desperate attempt to be impartial it has shown weak and misguided leadership. It’s out of step with its audience and hence its funders.
    Conspiracy? Believe me I’ve worked there – conspiracy is way beyond the capability of the BBC in this context!!

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