The start of the C2C

Here I am in Whiehaven looking at the official Sea to Sea sign. This is where I will dip my wheels in the Irish Sea, turn and head for the opposite coast.
But tonight I’m settling down for a pint and some food in Zest Harbourside. A popular place, buzzing with conversation and laughter.
The sun is gleaming off the water in the small harbour, bathing the town in warmth. It all looks very lovely. Hard to imagine the fear that gripped this town only a short time ago.
The train journey here was good if long. The first half in the company of a fellow cyclist heading for Haltwhistle. Intelligent conversation and mutual interests.
The last few miles along the West Cumbrian Coast were delightful. Despite being the country of my great grandparents I have never been to this coast. The railway winds along the cliff bottom after passing huge wind turbines at Workington to reveal the small communities where the train stops by request. Finally arriving in Whitehave- three hours after leaving Newcastle – the town is quiet and my B&B exactly where I expected to find it. A basic place with a friendly Cumbrian welcome.
So my food is ordered, the sun is dipping over the harbour and I anticipate tomorrow’s ride to Penrith.
Thanks to all those who’ve contributed to the charities I’m riding to support. If you haven’t pledged your gift there’s still time. I know you may be waiting to see if I actually reach Sunderland before giving.
Riding Lights Theatre Company
The Funzi and Bodo Trust
Thank you.

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