Still crazy after all these years

The original Harrogate Leadership team.

Since our friends Rhona and Colin moved back to Yorkshire (Pocklington) we have been getting together with them and Richard and Jenny from Harrogate. Oft told stories have been re-told time and again. We’ve shared some good times and great food. This picture was in the Stanbury’s garden where a little rain showered their b-b-q. You can see we are still all smiles despite the damp. The other person in the picture is Jackie Fisher.

These meet ups have also let us see each others’ churches too. So we went to Pocklington Christian Fellowship and Mowbray Community Church in Harrogate, as well as a Pocklington Churches Together event in Burnby Hall Gardens called the big sing.

We also celebrated two significant birthdays with old friends in Harrogate. Jean Ashworth and Pam Broadbank. I won’t reveal their ages, after all it wouldn’t be right would it.