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Joan continues to deliver workshops for children at museums in York. She seems to be busier than ever. She also bakes for the world – providing delicious cakes for just about anyone she decides would like one! As usual three Christmas Cakes are under construction – one for us – one for each of the boys.

Barrie is busy in church, being a churchwarden, the parish safeguarding representative and the leader of a small group.

Honda Civic Car

New car in Studley Park

We said goodbye our old Honda CRV in March, replacing it with a new Honda Civic, which is much more fuel efficient and a more sensible size for us.

The Claremont Terrace Resident’s Association is healthy. We have won a few battles this year to make the area a better place to live – not that it was ever bad. We even hosted a wedding in the street in the summer when the couple asked if the association could put up it’s large gazebo for the event. It was a great day with live music from bands hosted in our gazebo ’till late in the evening.

We are now looking forwards to three family weddings next year. The most important for us being Matthew and Laura’s in August at Laura’s college in Cambridge University. The others are for Jake (great nephew) and Rhianna in April, followed a couple of weeks later by Robyn (niece) and Marcus in May.

Ditching the landline

We are disconnecting our landline phone at the end of the year. So please use our mobile numbers if you want to contact us. Barrie: 07885 297669 Joan: 07810 225831

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