New wallpaper

Decorating our office is to blame for the famine of entries on this blog recently. The office is one of those daunting areas of the house when it comes to decorating. It was full of at least fifteen years of accumulating “useful” things, piles of old magazines, boxes of photographs and loads of what can only be described as junk. Then there are the shelves of books, desks, computers and other legit stuff that the normal life of a teacher and home business depend on.

So it all had to come out. There are three other bedrooms upstairs and they each filled up as we emptied the office. Now it’s almost finished and we’re moving stuff back in. We sorted some rubbish and unwanted things on the way out but now that the new office is shiny clean and bright we are being even more discriminating about what ranks as essential on the way back in. We like the new space we’ve created and the home workplace is taking shape. 

There are a few more shelves to fill today and boxes to unpack but it’ll soon be done. That done just leaves a cupboard to build and some tiles to fit behind the wash basin. 

So for once “new wallpaper” isn’t for a virtual desktop on my Mac, it’s the real thing made out of trees and recycled stuff. It’s an odd thing isn’t it. Eleven yard rolls 21 inches wide – it took ages to select the right pattern and colour. All that sticky paste and cutting, sliding into place and trimming to ceiling and floor. A palaver at best and downright frustrating most of the time. I’ll post a picture of the new office when it’s presentable.

Have a good weekend