Google Street View halted by angry villagers – why?

Google Street View halted by angry villagers – Brand Republic News

I love this comment in response the story about villagers who don’t want their homes on Google Street View. It’s not very gracious or PC but it does convey something valuable about tabloidesque scaremongering ….

Mark Wilson – 03/04/2009

Typical, small-minded, NIMBY, luddite proles with nothing better to do than swallow the nonsensical, fear-mongering that the unimaginative 24-hour news channels and tabloids spew into their pathetic minds. “Oh no – my house is on Google Street View! Google are a search engine. Street View shows pictures of my house. Ipso facto, burglars will actively search for ‘unlocked front door’ on Google and my house will magically appear with information about my security alarm code, the value of the paintings on my wall and my Summer holiday plans…” My question to these buffoons is do you have some kind of hereditary mental health issue or have you actually smacked your forehead against a solid object for the past 6 months to make you this stupid?