Do you have a Sustrans C2C Map?

NN7A_Sea_to_Sea_07_normal.jpg This is the definitive and only route map for the Coast to Coast ride and it’s out of print. I’ve exhausted all outlets expect eBay where someone is selling it for £99.00 and another is on auction and already up to £31.00. That’s for a map that only costs £7.95. So if you’ve done the ride and don’t need it any more – or would lend it to me for my charity ride that starts on Wednesday – I would really appreciate it. Give me a call on 07885297669 if you can help.

There is of course still time to sponsor me on my ride. Click here for the links and some background information

One thought on “Do you have a Sustrans C2C Map?

  1. I’ve just received this email from Sustrans:
    Dear Barrie

    Sincere apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this.

    The C2C map has gone to print (finally last week).  As soon as it is in
    it will be replenished on line.  I am sorry that this has not happened
    in time for your trip.

    Best wishes
    Arlene Rose
    Customer Service

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