Same allegations – only the date and the model number have changed

MacDailyNews Take: It’s d??j?? vu all over again. Let’s roll the ol’ iCal back about two years and see what we find:

??? Additional testing of Apple iPhone???s 3G antenna again shows completely normal results – August 27, 2008
??? Apple iPhone 3G antenna test verdict: completely normal – August 25, 2008
??? Apple hit with lawsuit over iPhone???s 3G speed and reliability – August 21, 2008
?????Apple: iPhone 2.0.2 Software Update ???improves communication with 3G networks??? – August 20, 2008
?????Apple releases iPhone, iPod touch 2.0.2 Software Update – August 18, 2008
?????Steve Jobs: iPhone 3G reception issues affect 2% of total units shipped; software update coming soon – August 18, 2008
?????iPhone 3G reception issues could be fixed via firmware update as early as this week – August 18, 2008
?????WSJ: Apple preps software fix for iPhone 3G reception issues reported by some – August 15, 2008
?????ABC News, Associated Press propagate iPhone FUD – August 15, 2008
?????Nomura analyst Richard Windsor and his extraordinary knack for sniffing out Apple iPhone ???issues??? – August 14, 2008
?????Software fix on the way for iPhone 3G reception glitches – August 14, 2008
?????Aussie telco source blames Apple secrecy for iPhone 3G reception issues – August 13, 2008
?????Apple and AT&T investigating reports of iPhone 3G connection issues – August 12, 2008

Interesting, isn’t it? Even in reruns. Whoever’s participating in this year’s short and distort scam is laughing all the way to the bank

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