Same allegations – only the date and the model number have changed

MacDailyNews Take: It’s d??j?? vu all over again. Let’s roll the ol’ iCal back about two years and see what we find:

??? Additional testing of Apple iPhone???s 3G antenna again shows completely normal results – August 27, 2008
??? Apple iPhone 3G antenna test verdict: completely normal – August 25, 2008
??? Apple hit with lawsuit over iPhone???s 3G speed and reliability – August 21, 2008
?????Apple: iPhone 2.0.2 Software Update ???improves communication with 3G networks??? – August 20, 2008
?????Apple releases iPhone, iPod touch 2.0.2 Software Update – August 18, 2008
?????Steve Jobs: iPhone 3G reception issues affect 2% of total units shipped; software update coming soon – August 18, 2008
?????iPhone 3G reception issues could be fixed via firmware update as early as this week – August 18, 2008
?????WSJ: Apple preps software fix for iPhone 3G reception issues reported by some – August 15, 2008
?????ABC News, Associated Press propagate iPhone FUD – August 15, 2008
?????Nomura analyst Richard Windsor and his extraordinary knack for sniffing out Apple iPhone ???issues??? – August 14, 2008
?????Software fix on the way for iPhone 3G reception glitches – August 14, 2008
?????Aussie telco source blames Apple secrecy for iPhone 3G reception issues – August 13, 2008
?????Apple and AT&T investigating reports of iPhone 3G connection issues – August 12, 2008

Interesting, isn’t it? Even in reruns. Whoever’s participating in this year’s short and distort scam is laughing all the way to the bank

Telegraph launches free Apple iPhone app

New features include the ability to instantly share interesting stories or pictures via email, Twitter or Facebook at the touch of a button, and access to video reports and picture galleries.

Users can also use the application to alert the Telegraph to a breaking news story. By clicking on the “Report” button, users can upload a photo and give a brief eyewitness account of breaking news.

The Guardian and BBC need to catch up on this one – the ability to instantly upload a picture to the paper is clever. The Telegraph will reap a harvest on this one.

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