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Not far from Linton is this memorial in Newton on Ouse to the Canadian Crew of a Halifax Bomber returning from a WW2 mission. The red poppies attracted me to the small stone monument. These guys must have been almost home but crashed near here before making the runway.
Sad loss of life in yet another conflict.
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Sutton on the Forest WW2 Memorial

Sutton on Forest War MemorialThis war memorial is quite recent. It was placed here in memory of both RAF and Canadian Airforce staff based at the many airfields that existed near here in World War 2.

The village of Sutton on the Forest is select. Post card material. Everyone looks after their bit of the village and it’s a patchwork of neatly trimmed lawns which reach right down to the road, and stone houses, although this end is more modern.

The next stop is Huby and then the climb.

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