Home for dinner

I resisted the temptation to ride too far – despite the sunshine. Tonight’s training was 21.6 miles.

I’ve been looking at the maps to take note of the route of the Yorkshire Dales Cycleway, but see I need the Yorkshire Dales Western Area map too. I bought a specialist map of the route from Harvey’s. It’s not too impressive. The route of the cycleway is marked on the OS Outdoor Leisure maps so I’ll probably use those on my ride.

I’ve booked a B&B in Hawes for the overnight stay all I need now is a praking place in Grassington.

Parking change needed

Where do you find six pound coins to pay for parking?

This is the standard charge to leave a car for a day in the Lake District. So where do you find this much change in the middle of nowhere?

Even in Ambleside, where there are dozens of shops, there are signs that warn, No change given for the car park.” So dear Ambleside trader, how am I supposed to park to become a customer in your shop?

Bridge House, Ambleside

I bought sandwiches – offered a £10 note and asked for pound coins for the Pay and Display machine. “Sorry sir, we need our change.”

What’s the matter with you people. Go to the bank. Get a stash of change. Smile. Write a new sign – Change given here for the Car Park.  Offer a service and watch the footfall increase. More footfall – more sales. It’s not rocket science. And anyway I only want to park a car – not a rocket.