Steep calls unto steep

Long fast descents are consistently reached by a steep gradient. A very, very steep gradient in the case of this section of the Coast to Coast ride.
I’m not complaining. It’s been a really enjoyable day touching the two highest points on the ride. Both sections of road rise above 1900 feet.
Now I’m waiting for dinner at the Rookhope Inn and I feel I’ve earned it!
Last night I stayed at a hostel in Penrith run by a charming couple from Otley. Alasdair and Jackie. They were so kind to me. Their hostel was more like a family holiday cottage. I was the only guest last night – truly comfortable.
I met two other groups of C2Cers today. A pair of lads were thrashing along the whole way in a day. The other group of six men were on a four say pub crawl! Over twenty thousand people ride this route each year and the numbers are still rising.
Lunch was at Hartside Cafe. 1900 feet above sea level. It was a welcome sight after the long climb.
So the final stage is tomorrow. It starts pushing the bike to the top of a rough track too demanding for my road bike. After a mile I’m told it turns into a perfectly rideable moorland track and it’s downhill all the way from there to Sunderland.
Thank you to all the people who’ve made donations today. If you still want to sponsor me these are the links.
Riding Lights Theatre Company
The Funzi and Bodo Trust

Fellfoot Cyclists Hostel

Fellfoot Hostel, Penrith



Black Hill Summit

Black Hill Summit


Looking up Hartside from Renwick