The Age of Stupid

Last night I watched The Age of Stupid. Set in the future it has everyone living in the present firmly in its sights. The premise is that we are the only people who can turn the environmental tide and there’s not much time left to do it. Generations before us either didn’t know or act and it will be too late for our children to do it. My grandchildren could face a bleak future if we ignore these warnings.
As I looked at my daily prayer plan this morning I realised that The Earth didn’t feature – anywhere. As a believer in prayer and “doing my bit for the environment” I was surprised with myself for this omission.
To me, prayer is about being willing to work together with God and others to bring answers and solutions to problems. It’s when I align myself with what I believe is God’s purpose that I can then both trust and act.
If you have the chance – perhaps I could urge you to make the opportunity – watch this film and then act in whatever way you find possible.
We (the inhabitants of Earth) have to change things – doing nothing is not an option.

Latest delicious thoughts

delicious thoughts for May 6th from 15:00 to 15:23:

  • Transport experiment slashes car use – Shows that the imaginative use of funding can make an impact on car use through the uptake of cycling. I hope York is able to at least match these initiatives with it’s recent funding
  • Stink Digital : Work : Carousel – Spectacular frozen moment video (to promote Philips new 21:9 format display screens)

The Damned United

I have recently seen two films. The Boat that Rocked and The Damned United.
The second of those films I watched on my own, the assumption being that it was a man’s film. It gave me the chance to enjoy it without being conscious of what Joan might have thought of it had she been sitting next to me; a significant factor.

The Damned United

The Damned United

Brian Clough as depicted by Michael Sheen, was not a complicated person. He had drive, doubts, nerve, he was obsessed, thought a lot of himself and told anyone who would listen, and many who cared not to, just how good he was.
His dependence on Peter Taylor, who put up with almost all of his arrogance in a very gracious way, was clear from the start. So when Clough went to Leeds without Taylor, it was also clear he was being set up to fail.
For me the film rang true because of that honest depiction of both sides of leadership shown in the character of Brian Clough. That it was set in a footballing context only made it more engaging. It had that northern grit seen in films like Brassed Off, The Full Monty and Billy Elliot, and reflected a working class world that still existed in the 70s. I left the City Screen in York, thoughtful and satisfied.
So I was delighted by the Screen Yorkshire interview with Andy Harries of Left Bank Pictures who lifted the curtain on the negotiations behind the scenes that allowed him to film The Damned United in Yorkshire.

The Boat That Rocked? Well it did, but for me the film sank. The music was good but the weak storyline and the monotonous depiction of debauched lifestyles on board Radio Rock was tasteless. It wasn’t a worthy document of the pioneers who opened up a channel for pop radio in the UK. There are better ways of wiping the smug grins off the faces of BBC and government officials than pretending pirate radio was responsible not only for free radio but also for the whole of the permissive age. On reflection this was more the man’s film in a unreconstructed, cave man sort of way. Brian Clough’s story was much more about real life and family and gives insight into a man’s world with a very accessible storyline.

The Doorpost Film Project – Unscripted

The Doorpost Film Project – Unscripted

Unscripted is a film created by Riding Lights Theatre Company for the 168 Hour Film Project. It won “Best …” in several categories.

International Film, Screenplay – Drama, Supporting Actress and Behind the Scenes Film.

168 is a faith-based, worldwide competition, in which teams make a short film in 168 hours (1 week).
Now you have a chance to vote for the film on the Doorpost site.

Hope Hero – Welcome Enjoy the films and join the conversation…

Hope 08

I watched this film, Hope Hero by Jude Simpson, and I found it very moving. Lets put it this way, I needed a couple of tissues before it was through.

I think it’s the way it reminds me that being a Christian isn’t comfortable – neither is it for comfortable people. But it’s the hope it conveys for those who have no hope – if I’ll just get up and do something useful.