Election Dilemma – vote or abstain?

I’m having problems with this Police and Crime Commissioners election.
Here in North Yorkshire it’s a 70 grand a year job – there’s no interview – no competencies or personality profiles are being checked – previous experience seems to be irrelevant – it’s just the popular vote that decides on the basis of what the candidates are saying about themselves.
Normally politicians (councillors and MPs) only share power with any number of other politicians. The PCCs are essentially on their own. All the power of the office is vested in one person.
So should I vote or abstain in the hope that low turn out will lead to a proper selection process in future.
I have never abstained from voting before – but I am in a genuine dilemma. I think the process is deeply flawed.

Why I don’t buy The Times

George MonbiotGeorge Monbiot: The most potent weapon wielded by the empires of Murdoch and China | Comment is free | The Guardian
If you want to know how powerful Rupert Murdoch is, read the reviews of Bruce Dover’s book, Rupert’s Adventures in China. Well, go on, read them. You can’t find any? I rest my case.

As lucid and alarming as ever George Monbiot puts Murdoch in his sights and provokes an intelligent discussion on the Guardian’s Comment is Free blog.

The Times used to be the final authority in British Newspapers. No longer. I’d rather read The Telegraph. At least I know what it’s bias is. I have to work hard to discern which part of Murdoch’s empire The Times is championing on any one day, but I know it’ll be in there somewhere.

Do I have Sky? Yes, but only for the football. And if wanted to rant on I could whip up a good argument for the way pay TV has ruined the beautiful game too. 

The article may be long but it’s worth reading, including the comments from readers.