Sign from above for city club

Sign from above for city club (From York Press)

A CHURCH has used the renaming of a refurbished York nightclub to put out its own message.

A poster outside St Edward’s Church on Tadcaster Road declares: “SALVATION… more than a nightclub.”

But the marketing people behind Club Salvation – formerly Nexus – in George Hudson Street reckon God moves in mysterious ways.

Following my earlier rant about Salvation – the club – placing a promotion outside The Salvation Army it’s good to see another York church getting in on the act. But it’s one of those eternal dilemmas. At what point are you just creating more promotion for the event you object to. Two sayings come to mind. Imitation is flattery and All publicity is good publicity

The fact still remains Salvation is not found in a Night Club.


Online ads to overtake TV in UK

Online ads to overtake TV

The internet will overtake TV as the biggest advertising platform in the UK this year with total ad spend of around £3.56bn, according to a report by Enders Analysis.

But does this mean it’s more effective? I think I would still rather have 30 seconds on peak time TV than the equivalent cost on t’internet. I confess I have no idea if I know what that would mean in web exposure, but TV still feels like you’re in lots of living rooms where it matters more than being on the “lean forwards” screen..