The dining car standing at platform 3 is the last to depart from York – forever



These gently swaying restaurants have always been a classy public place where even grubby standard class passengers could taste first-class treatment. As a waiter on the East Coast service recalls, lone diners would complain about being seated together, but once the wine started flowing they would all be chatting and swapping business cards. “The deals that got done in this car,” he sighs.

Patrick Barkham sums up the experience of travelling in style on the East Coast Main Line. Sad that the dining cars are being shunted off the tracks in the new timetable. 

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Steaming Away

Tornado leaves York Station. I was with my son, Warwick, who uses a wheelchair so I only had time to snatch a few hand held shots over the heads of the crowd. But it has atmosphere and captures the excitement of seeing this loco under steam and hauling at train.
Many thanks to the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust for making this day possible. If it makes money and pays off it’s debts it’ll be a miracle – but the joy of this first trip will be remembered fondly by many. We Brits are still able to match the engineering skills of a generation or two ago.
The chimney belching smoke and steam also reminded me that the golden age of steam never existed. It was without a doubt a coal black age.

Tornado to hit East Coast Mainline

BBC NEWS | England | First passenger trip for new loco

Tornado - A1 Steam Loco

Tornado – A1 Steam Loco

January 31st is the day that passengers will be hauled by the brand new steam loco, Tornado. Built at a cost of £3m it will take members of the society that backed the project between York and Newcastle. I’ll watch it leave York but sadly I won’t be on board – not being a member.

Good luck to her and all who are hauled by her.

Historic loco in action for first time



Historic loco in action for first time From The Northern Echo
THE first new steam locomotive in Britain for almost half a century chugged into action this morning.

I remember this project being launched and thought it was a long shot to build a mainline steam loco from scratch. At that time they said it would cost £1million.

Today Tornado was unveiled to the press. So far it’s cost closer to £3million.

I heard about it today on Up All Night on 5Live when I couldn’t sleep at 4am! It has to be tested before it comes to York for painting in the LNER livery. Can’t wait to see it in action.